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Over the last decade millions suffering with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have turned to the prescription drug Adderall. It is a favorite among many who claim it provides them with great relief from their condition. The drug itself is composed of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine which control the central nervous system. These stimulants help the nervous system control the hyperactivity aspect of ADHD and sharpen the attention span.


ADHD Symptoms

ADHD is a behavioral disorder that is often diagnosed in childhood, but can also not reveal itself until adulthood. For the individuals who are diagnosed as children, many will eventually grow out of it. ADHD is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. Another symptom of this disability is having trouble controlling your emotions. For people suffering from ADHD a minor issue can quickly turn into something more. These people describe it as not having much control over expressing their emotions. Another trait that almost all ADHD people share is disorganization. This is something that tends to be a much bigger problem for adults than children with the disability.

Adderall benefits

Those negative attributes can take their toll on an individual if not treated properly. ADHD can have a great deal of impact on someones life, especially scholastically. Nearly one third of people who deal with this disorder don’t graduate from high school, much higher than the average rate. Adderall helps treat all of the symptoms associated with ADHD. It improves your attentiveness dramatically, and helps with the disorganization many face. A lot of people describe themselves as feeling sharper and more alert while on the it. Adderall’s effects on the central nervous system , help control hyperactivity. The way that adderall is able to counteract both of the main symptoms of ADHD, is the reason it has become the number one drug used to treat ADHD.

Side Effects

Like any other prescription drug adderall can have side effects for certain individuals. Pregnant women should not take this, as it’s been proven this can cause birth defects like deformation and learning disabilities. There have also been deaths from heart failure, which has led many to question the safety of the drug. Most people don’t look at drugs like Adderall as being addictive, but with repeated usage the body will develop a dependency for them. The severity of withdrawal depends a great part on how long one has been using Adderall. The typical symptoms are depression, anxiety, and excessive sleeping, or in some cases insomnia.